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Our Products


Compensating Cables
We deal in a wide variety of compensating cables that are constructed to precision by our expert team of technicians. These compensating cables showcase better performance and are widely used in diverse industry verticals. Our compensating cables can be custom-made for our clients in terms of various specifications and are offered to our clients at highly competitive prices
Thermocouple Cables, RTD Cable
We have in store for our clients, a high performing collection of thermocouple compensating cable that is installed with a sensor for measuring temperature. The sensor known as thermocouple consists of two different metals, and is available in different combination of metals or calibration. The metals makes it heated or cooled where a voltage is generated that can be measured to the temperature. The types of calibration that are commonly provided are J, K, T and E. These thermocouple cables are incapacitated to limit and dictate the temperature range so that they are precise in their performance.

The range thermocouple cables commonly exhibits the following temperature ranges

Calibration Temp Range Std. Limits of Error Spec. Limits of Error
J 00 C to 750C (320F to 13820F) Greater of 2.20C or 0.75% Greater of 1.10C or 0.4%
K -2000C to 12500C (-3280F to 22820F) Greater of 2.20C or 0.75% Greater of 1.10C or 0.4%
E -2000C to 9000C (-3280F to 16520F) Greater of 1.70C or 0.5% Greater of 1.00C or 0.4%
T -2500C to 3500C (-3280F to 6620F) Greater of 1.00C or 0.75% Greater of 0.50C or 0.4%

ANSI Code +Lead -Lead Comments Environment Bare Wire Maximum T/C Grade Temp. Range EMF (mV) Over Max. Temp. Range IEC Code
J IRON Fe (magnetic) CONSTANTAN COPPER NICKEL Cu-Ni Reducing Vacuum, Inert Limited Use in Oxidizing at High Temperatures. Not Recommended for Low Temperatures. -210 to 12000C -346 to 21930F -8.095 to 69.553 J
K CHROMEGA NICKEL CHROMIUM Ni-Cr ALOMEGA NICKEL ALUMINUM Ni-Al (magnetic) Clean Oxidizing and Inert Limited. Use in Vacuum or Reducing. Wide Temperature Range, Most Popular Calibration. -270 to 13720C -454 to 25010F -6.458 to 54.886 K
T COPPER Cu CONSTANTAN COPPER NICKEL Cu-Ni Mild Oxidizing Reducing Vacuum or Inert. Good Where Moisture is present Low Temperature & Cryogenic Application -270 to 4000C -454 to 7520F -6.258 to 20.872 T
E CHROMEGA NICKEL CHROMIUM Ni-Cr CONSTANTAN COPPER NICKEL Cu-Ni Oxidizing or Inert Limited Use in Vacuum or Reducing Highest EMF change Per Degree -270 to 10000C -454 to 18320F -9.835 to 76.373 E

Extension Compensating Cables
Keeping in mind the demands of the Indian industry and the climatic conditions, we have designed an industrially apt assortment of thermocouple extension and compensating cables. Made from finest grade material, these cables find application in connecting the thermocouple to the control and measurement devices (pyrometers etc.) that may be some distance away from the thermocouple in the control room.

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