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Our Products


Coaxial Cables
Our gamut of coaxial cables is of great demand in various industries and CATV network. Fabricated using 99.9% pure copper conductor of electrolytic grade for better signal transmission, these coaxial cables are offered in the models of RG6, RG8,RG11, RG58, RG59, RG62, ethernet cables, CCTV cables. The precise composition of copper braiding makes sure low signal quality for better reception, higher bandwidth and low attenuation value.
  • Better signal transmission
  • High signal quality
  • Better reception
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Low attenuation value

These coaxial cables are provided with the below mentioned specifications:

Center conductor (Max. resistance of 200) 0.85 ohm/100 meter. 214 ohm/100 meter. 3.55 ohm/100 meter.
Non Capacitance (PF/meters.) 53 +/- 3 53 +/- 3 53 +/- 3
Characteristics Impedance (Ohms) 75 +/ 3 75 +/ 3 75 +/ 3
Attention @ 200C (Db/100 Meters.) at      
5 MHz 1.25 db 1.95 db 2.82 db
55 MHz 3.15 db 5.20 db 6.73 db
211 MHz 6.23 db 9.50 db 12.47 db
250 MHz 6.72 db 10.50 db 13.45 db
300 MHz 7.38 db 11.50 db 14.60 db
350 MHz 7.94 db 12.45 db 15.75 db
400 MHz 8.53 db 13.30 db 16.73 db
450 MHz 9.02 db 14.35 db 17.72 db
550 MHz 9.97 db 15.70 db 19.52 db

Dual Shielded Coaxial Cables
Keeping in mind the demands of the Indian industry and the climatic conditions, we have designed an industrially apt assortment of thermocouple extension and compensating cables. Made from finest grade material, these cables find application in connecting the thermocouple to the control and measurement devices (pyrometers etc.) that may be some distance away from the thermocouple in the control room.

RF Coaxial Cables
We are one of the reputed names in the industry for developing a reckoned range of RF coaxial cables that are constructed to perfection using superior quality material. Catering to the exact requirements of the Indian industry, these cables ideal in conjunctions of correspondence systems like television signals, network signals, satellite and CCTV. Known for their durability and strength, these RF coaxial cables are packed in coils, plastic reels, cardboard reels, wooden drums and carton boxes so as to ensure safe delivery.

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