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Our Products


Made To Order
We are consistent in our efforts to provide our clients with a range that is precision made and tailored to meet the expectations of our clients. We also make sure to develop our range in accordance to the market requirements and clientís specifications. All the range of cable could be made in FRLS / FR/HR compound.

All the range of cables are manufactured with premium quality of PVC compound and can be manufactured in FRLS / FR/HR compound as per the requirement.

Our range of FRLS PVC compound is provided with the following specifications:

Specific Gravity ASTMD 792 - 1.58
Hardness after 15 sec. ASTMD 2240 Shore A 89
Thermal Stability @200C IS 5831 Min. 98
Volume Resistivity ASTMD 257 10 ohm sec 2.7
Tensile strength IS 10810 Part 7 Kg/cm2 13.5
Elongation at Break IS 10810 Part 7 % 190
SDR avg. ASTMD 2863 % 59
SDR peak. ASTMD 2863 % 80

Tailor-made Cables
We are instrumental in manufacturing a tailored range for our clients that depicts the specifications: Fore example:
Four different colored inner consisting of different size core i.e.
  • Black inner: 1.0 Sq mm Single core screened
  • Grey inner: 1.0 Sq mm two core screened
  • Blue inner: 0.5 Sq mm two core screened
  • Red inner: 1.5 Sq mm two core screened
Then overall Aluminium foil with 0.5Sqmm drain wire and coated with PE compound.

This item was required by the client for underwater equipment

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